It is an internet publication with the stories of Poles of Jewish origin and of Jews with Polish roots. We present people involved, those who care. They are aware of their identity, trying to change the world and other people’s lives. They often do so in a microscale, acting locally in their community, but in the same time, their actions have a larger impact.

The people presented in our online publication express themselves through art, business, music, medicine, education and literature. Each in their own individual way. There are no restrictions. We meet dozens of people, mainly from Poland and Israel, listening to a new story each time. Together with our heroes, we laugh and cry. Sometimes we are intrigued and sometimes surprised. Each story is different, unique. Among our heroes you can find a jazz musician whose avant-garde work is full of spirituality drawn from Jewish tradition, a chef who revives pre-war Jewish vegan cuisine, a fashion house founder using Jewish motifs, and a group of young high-tech entrepreneurs who engage the Jewish principle of ‘Tikkun Olam’ in their business ventures.

We have already met many of such people but there will be many more. The project has just started. We are eager to hear new stories. We encourage you to send us your feedback but also suggestions of new names. Let them become our new heroes.

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Old friends

Moreover, we do not forget those with whom we can no longer meet in person. They deserve to be given a voice too. They passed away but their achievements and legacy still matter for both nations and inspire us. Our aim is to let them be known and remembered by the new generations.

Have you meet the Polish James Bond in skirt?


The ‘People2People’ project was created and launched by the Center for International Relations Foundation, one of the best and oldest independent Polish think tanks specializing in foreign affairs. For 25 years, the CIR has been promotor of knowledge about Europe and the contemporary world, as well as of European values and democracy, fighting disinformation and fake news.

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The project is implemented with the partners: Rechters Agency and the Tikkunology Foundation. The publication was prepared thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, under umbrella of the ‘Public Diplomacy 2020’. It got the honorary patronage of the Embassy of Israel in Poland.