Jakub (Jakov) Schimmelpfennig

Years of childhood Jakub spent in the picturesque region of Warmia and Mazury that he adores. His great-grandmother prepared both Polish and Jewish dishes telling stories about family’s history and difficult art of balancing between cultures. Jakub studied Psychology, his interests were always around social problems, culture and new technologies, that – as he highlights – can serve to improve the world and humanity development. He dares empathy and fights stereotypes persistently believing that we can all fit in the one Earth.

In his work, he promotes the scientific method and advanced forms of social activism. He launched his first startup at his 18th birthday offering effective multimedia marketing tools created in respect of ecology from electronic waste e.g. damaged smartphones or cameras. From his youth strongly engaged in building strong relations between Poles and Jews. He runs firm transferring achievements of technology from Israel to Europe binding scientific and business potential of both countries.

If we want to solve vital social and environmental problems we have to use our highest achievements – technology, science and ability of cooperation. We have a huge opportunity to use technological and digital advance not only for a private profit but also to gain permanent social changes and operate using new better methods.

The expression of his futuristic-social activity is Tikkunology Foundation. He fosters Jewish heritage by implementing new ways of improving people’s lives and the world. Jakub believes that relations between Jews and other nations have to be built in a positive way, joining forces in solving social and economic problems both on a local and global level.

„Tikkun Olam”  – repairing the world – is Jacob’s course iof action. Second important area of operation for him is fighting stereotypes and hate, that finds expression in the HackHate initiative that is one of the biggest hackathons devoted to that subject connecting participants from 7 countries.

Schimmelpfennig is also known for popularisation prospective forms of liquid democracy and building business based on fundraising and blockchain.

Jakub proves that science and technology can be a method for improving lives if we only decide to make use of them. He is co-author of Programming Collective helping people in exclusion to gain competences as programmers to find a job. Jacob has created many artistic works mixing Jewish and Polish design, his passions are photography and art of brewing the best coffee, programming, travelling and saving animals.

Jews built astonishing tradition of philanthropy and I am duty-bound to continue it, but in new form adjusted to 21st century.

Jakub udowadnia, że nauka i technologia mogą być metodą na poprawienie ludzkich żyć, jeśli tylko postanowimy je wykorzystać w tej sprawie. „Żydzi słynęli z niezwykłej tradycji filantropijnej i chciałbym ją kontynuować w nowej, dostosowanej do XXI w formie.” Jest współautorem m.in Spółdzielni Programistycznej, pomagającej osobom wykluczonym zyskać kompetencje pracownicze jako programiści. Autor wielu prac artystycznych łączących design żydowski i polski, pasjonuje się fotografią i sztuką parzenia najlepszej kawy, programowaniem, podróżami oraz pomocą zwierzętom.