Małgorzata Imielska

She was born and raised in the Warsaw’s district of Muranów. She knew little about her Jewish roots. This topic was never mentioned in her family home. Lullabies sung in Yiddish by her grandmother gave her food for thoughts.

She is a graduate of Film and Television Directing at the Faculty of Radio and Television of the University of Silesia, director and author of scripts of documentaries, feature films, as well as theater and radio productions. Many of her films are devoted to people who survived the Shoah. Her documentary “Tell me why”, awarded at numerous Polish and foreign festivals, tells about Jurek Kamieniecki and Stella Pencer, and about their unfulfilled love interrupted by the Holocaust. He was born in Warsaw, she was born in Otwock. Thanks to false papers, Jurek managed to save her during the war. His arrest separated them. In the Auschwitz camp, only the thought of her kept him alive. After the war, Jurek moved to Tel Aviv, and Stella to Boston. They never met again. It was too difficult for her to go back to the past, even though she still loved him. In turn, Imielska’s film “Childhood in the Shadow of Death” is the story of a little girl who witnessed the death of her parents. While hiding, only the memory of their love allowed her to go on living. “Perseverance” is a story about Ben Barenholtz, a legend of New York cinema who was hidden as a child by a Polish family in Volhynia. His extraordinary life was forever marked by the death of his father, who was murdered in front his eyes by their neighbours. Imielska is also the author of a series of documentary films about the Polish Righteous Among the Nations, as well as a documentary about Shevah Weiss. Her latest documentary, “Love and Empty Words”, is a record of a relationship between a woman suffering from Alzheimer’s and her loving husband, who cares for her until the end. The film won awards at festivals in Łagów, Łódź, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Calcutta and Toronto.

Many of her films are devoted to people who survived the Shoah.