Noemi Malska

Noemi is a strategic mindset and a business developer with an ability to control complex systems. She gathered experience in cyber security area and in international business during her contract at the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce at the International Relations Department (Tel-Aviv).

Agraduate of Wroclaw University of Technology and the European Academy of Diplomacy.

Former member of the management board of the HiProMine startup, responsible for business processes and represents the company in contacts with its contractors. HiProMine is a leader in insect protein production, with the main goal of meeting the increasing demand for it. Long-term the startup strives to make Poland famous for its insect protein production technology within the next decade. HiProMine was created in 2015 by three scientists and two investment funds.

HiProMine scales what nature invented millions of years ago. Its technology acts as the Philosopher’s Stone of the 21st century, turning worthless bio-waste into life-giving protein, and all production is 100% waste-free.

In 2016 the startup won an investment from Uber in international Uber Pitch competition, with Noemi being responsible for the negotiation process.

In the same year, the company was also awarded in the “Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in Central East Europe” contest for the most breakthrough technology in the CEE.

Currently she’s a Member of the Executive Board of 300Brains, where she’s responsible for all company activities, particularly: co-creating & executing strategy, building Joint Ventures & network of partners, representing the company, negotiating contracts and growing the customer portfolio worldwide.

300 Brains is a global provider of code development for startups, SME’s and enterprises, with its offices in the USA, Iceland and Poland, creating dedicated IT teams, as well as consulting in the newest trends in banking, digital and mobile solutions in the financial industry.

In business she follows ethics, clear rules of the game, standing out attitude and win-win strategy.

In personal life, she values friendship, enjoys drama theatre and books. Noemi rides her bike everywhere, all year long, and one of her mottos says: “you cannot buy happiness, but you can buy a bike and that’s pretty close”.