Samuel Goldflam was a special figure for the world of science and medicine – especially for neurology – and his activities could fill the lives of many people. He was a lover of music and art, a philanthropist, social activist, a great friend of the poor and children, and an activist tirelessly supporting the Jewish community in Poland and around the world. Author of about 100 scientific articles, including the most famous ones about myasthenia gravis (Erb-Goldflam disease) and intermittent claudication.

He was born in 1852 in Warsaw to a Jewish merchant family. After graduating in medicine at the University of Warsaw, he worked in the internal medicine ward of the St. Spirit Hospital with Vilém Dušan Lambla. At the Charité Hospital in Berlin, he studies about a new field of medicine – neurology, which he devoted himself to in his medical and scientific work. He also studied it in Paris at the Salpetrière Hospital, where the world’s first neurology clinic was opened. In Warsaw, in his apartment at 10 Graniczna Street, he ran a free private polyclinic for neurology and internal medicine. He was also a volunteer in many hospitals in Warsaw, where he gained invaluable practice and rushed to help the suffering people. His colleague Eufemiusz Herman wrote about him as follows: “Goldflam was an extraordinary man, an outstanding intellectual, scientist, classic of world neurology, especially Polish, a social activist and a sincere democrat”. He was a friend of Janusz Korczak and Ludwik Zamenhof. He established the “Zofiówka” Institution for Nervous and Mentally Ill Jews in Otwock near Warsaw, and was also a co-founder and president of the Society of Children’s Friends.

There are no interesting cases, there are only sick people, and each sick person is an interesting case.

He supported the newly established Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and also became a signatory to the founding act of the Jewish Agency. Furthermore, he was a member of the oldest Jewish organization in the world, B’nai B’rith International. He passed his art collection down to the state of Israel. Samuel Goldflam died in 1932 in Otwock. There is a “Goldflammia” nursing home in Jerusalem named after him.